Our Vision

Our Group

Moosa is one of the oldest business groups in Oman having been formed in 1927. Steeped in Automotive, Moosa was, in the 1950’s the agent for Holden, from the 60’s the distributor for BEDFORD, from the 70’s the GMC distributor in Oman and more recently from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000 the distributor for Opel & Suzuki amongst others.

In addition, Moosa has an investment in business and properties both in Oman & abroad.

Our Vision

To become the national benchmark for automotive sales and services by virtue of our impeccable standards for customer care, business integrity and service delivery.

It is a privilege and honor to serve at the helm of Moosa Group, one of Oman’s most reputable business houses. Since its early years itself, the company has strongly aligned its growth strategy with the nation’s long-term aspirations for economic diversification and sustainable development.

Specific to the automotive industry, the Group has played a pioneering role in the introduction and popularization of motor cars in Oman, some of the classics in their time, others enduring icons of the modern motoring era. Over its roughly 70-year-old history, Moosa Group’s legacy as an automotive distributor is synonymous with the heritage of motoring in pre-renaissance Oman. Currently, it is the sole distributor for prestigious brands such as GMC and Suzuki, among other auto-related products and services.

Nurturing this proud legacy are members of the Moosa family who, through a combination of keen market insight and perceptive leadership, continue to position the Group for strong and sustained corporate growth. Success for this new generation of business leaders is determined not by sales alone, but by the strength and durability of the relationships it has built with its growing family of customers. Moosa Group has always taken pride in nurturing lifelong relationships with its customers through the delivery of products and services that are unquestionable of good value.

In addition to representing an industry-leading portfolio of automotive brands, Moosa Group is also proud of its consistently superior service standards. This is also reflected in the professional capabilities of its shop floor personnel, the fully-equipped maintenance and repair workshops, and the high quality of its auto parts and accessories.

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